Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Last Chance To See; Yangtze River Dolphins

If you're after that last chance to see the blind Yangtze River Dolphin you're too late, after 25 million years it has been declared "functionally extinct".

This is another animal from the Dougal Adams book "Last Chance To See", and as far as I know the first one to be exinct. If ever anyone was to question to effect of massive industrial revolution on the flora and funa on local rivers this dolphin is the evidence.

So one of the five species from the book has now joined the chior invisable, which stresses both the need for greater efforts to preserve the planets most dysfunctional animals and the need to raise the profile of animals on the cusp of extinction.

If the BBC need to find a presenter for a show recreating the footsteps of Last Chance To See twenty years on they know where to find me

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