Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Motorhead; Dublin Olympia, 31/10/06

My fourth gig in a week, life is certainly picking up. Also, its the mighty Motorhead, or as I quickly come to regard them, They That Can Do No Wrong. Every year I try see Motorhead as many times as possible, and each year I think the magic will not work, and I listen to less and less of the stuff before the gig, and well... It doesn't matter, they still do everything perfectly, as one would expect from a band well into their 32nd year.

As ever it's a case of "We Are Motorhead and we play Rock 'N' Roll", after which, the next two hours are a passing blur which does it's best to perforate your ear drums. As this was Motorheads first show in Ireland in two years the set was heavily based on the new material, no bad thing, and as ever hearing the songs live makes them come alive far more than they do on record. Old classics are included, and of course, as we're in Dublin there is a mandatory Thin Lizzy tribute, this time in the form of Rosalie / Cowboy Song.

Of course, I couldn't tell my brother the set list ahead of Sundays Manchester gig, but I have given him some clues. Identify all the songs and win a prize!

Rapier of Respect
Ferrous Fingers
Cemetery Polka
Story of Isaac
2yr old, possessive
Saddam Hussein Collectible
365 Liaisons
Fitz Lang, 1927
Holiday In The Sun
Force Without Authority
Neil Youngs 1980's Production Techniques
Thin Lizzy Cover (Ireland only)
Catergory A Prisoners
John Lee Hooker in a Brothel
PhD Paleontologist

This was the kind of gig where you come away with a warped mile stuck on your face, the kind that tells people your totally wired but straight at the same time. There is a part in Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas where Hunter S. Thompsan talks about waking up with a sore face from excessive manical grinning, although for him I'm sure it involved a massive amount of amphetamines, but it's good to have someone to relate to. As a final testament to the power of Motorhead I'd like to add, I went in this gig with a cold, when I came out it was cured.

Enough said.

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